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Sex-Positive Therapist Serving California

Sex-Positive therapy embraces consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable.

Sex-Positivity celebrates sexual diversity, differing desires and relationships structures, and individual choices based on consent.

While everyone can benefit from exploring their sexuality in a non-judgmental way, sex-positive therapy can affirm your sexuality without necessarily making it the sole focus of your treatment. 

Outside of California? I can work with you via my
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I can support in exploring issues around...

Healing from Purity Culture
Trauma and Attachment
Creating Healthy Relationships
Integrating the Pandemic
Dating and COVID-19
Ethical Non-Monogamy
Gender Identity
Casual sex
Sexual Labor
Navigating Trans Identity
Raising Body-Positive Children
Cultural Expectations about Sex and Relationships

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What's Up with the Word Slut?

Today, "slut" is used to define feminine spectrum folk by perceived or actual sexual activity. As there are far fewer social, cultural, and religious restrictions placed on male sexuality it’s typically a gendered derogatory term used to slander a woman. Pervasive fiction suggests a women's worth lies in her sexual purity and belonging to a man, therefore this word has destructive potential. Using this word in my practice is a joyful act reclaiming the power of feminine sexuality found in all genders as self-owned, pleasure-centered, and deeply valuable.